Wembley Hill celebrates significant sales milestone

Wembley Hill celebrates significant sales milestone

Featured on ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, Golden Age Group has celebrated $40 million in sales for Wembley Hill, its COX Architecture-designed community.

Located on the former site of the Hays International College, the project comprises 143 townhomes, with over 50 percent of the pocket of land to be dedicated public green space. Appealing to families and individuals looking to upgrade from their current places of residence, Golden Age regards the sustainability implementations of the project as a key drawcard.

Tree-lined boulevards, landscaped pathways and green links ensure accessibility and a sense of community, with each residence featuring efficient heating and cooling, filtered rainwater connection to irrigation and utilities, rooftop solar panels and the provision for fast EV charging.

The interior spaces, crafted by MIM design, will range from three-to-four-bedroom floorplates, with two colour schemes on offer to residents. Each home is thoughtfully designed and positioned to provide expansive views, daylight, and natural ventilation, while allowing for versatile living configurations to support all prospective buyers.

“Wembley Hill is one of the most significant developments within the booming suburb and it delivers a visionary, enduring, future-ready lifestyle through a dedication of weaving environmental sustainability into each and every home,” says Golden Age’s Chief Investment Officer, Bing Chen.

“It was important for these townhomes to be sustainable without compromising on luxury, offering a blueprint for a greener and more sustainable future.”

The project also embodies urban design principles that aim to reintegrate the site back into its surroundings, complementing the existing fabric and making a positive contribution and lasting legacy for the neighbourhood and its local community.

For more information, visit wembleyhill.com.au.