Victoria One Settlement

Victoria One Settlement

They say good things come to those who wait; and sure enough, the settlement on this glorious skyscraper has finally commenced for its first 150 buyers.

14 July 2017 marks the day of this momentous occasion with its promise to deliver on schedule.

As the happy new owners arrived, our team hand delivered the carefully crafted key handover box along with the well-thought settlement gift. Golden Age Group have chosen to partner with Thankyou, a charitable organisation who has a vision for ending world poverty, to deliver our token of appreciation to our buyers.

To also acknowledge and celebrate the first ever purchase of Victoria One, we presented the buyer with a beautiful bottle of champagne.

Victoria One now stands tall and boasts its title of the tallest residential building in the Melbourne CBD. From the inception of the land in October 2013 to the launch in April 2014; Victoria One had achieved phenomenal sale records within the first 6 months to start construction of this megastructure in record time.

This amazing result is a testament to the Golden Age Group and one that will be remembered for many years to come.