Announcing ICON as the Construction Partner for SKY SQR: Box Hill’s New Landmark Project

Announcing ICON as the Construction Partner for SKY SQR: Box Hill’s New Landmark Project

We are thrilled to announce that ICON has been appointed as the construction partner for the ambitious SKY SQR development in Box Hill. This landmark project will transform Box Hill into a vibrant hub of connectivity and culture, seamlessly integrating residential, retail, and community spaces.

SKY SQR encompasses a total area of 72,000 sqm, featuring an expansive three-level retail podium and food precinct spanning approximately 12,000 sqm, along with 120 underground public parking spaces. Leveraging ICON’s renowned expertise, SKY SQR will seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment, offering state-of-the-art amenities and fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

Aligning with the community vision for Box Hill as part of Victoria’s Big Build, SKY SQR will become a nexus of activity, offering direct access to central Box Hill and the SRL. Our development partner, Local: Residential, will deliver and operate 425, just for rent, apartments across two 17-floor residential towers, complemented by 1,180 sqm of outdoor green spaces and a range of exclusive amenities. Renters of the one, two, and three-bedroom apartments will enjoy access to an 80-seat co-working space, three private dining rooms, a 25-meter indoor pool, exercise and wellness studios, games and entertainment rooms, and pet wash and electric car share facilities.

Our partnership with ICON and Local: Residential is instrumental in realising the vision of a dynamic, integrated space where residents can live, work, and play. This collaboration marks a significant step towards making Box Hill a vibrant, multi-modal hub.

Join us as we witness this space transform into a beacon of modern urban development.